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How did Seth Godin hire?

I am a big fan of Seth Godin.

If you don’t know him, he invented on-line permission marketing and writes an innovatative, thought provoking marketing blog.. I along with many others on Facebook think he is a marketing genius.

Of course, my interest in Seth comes back to recruitment.  If you change the product/service you are marketing,  you can apply all the same techniques to market to your possible hires,  the tools are all the same. So for example, how could you use Facebook for recruitment.

At ERE – US e-recruitment conference in 2006 I was lucky enough to here Seth speak about how he hired his staff (before Web 2.0).

Basically he collected up the people he was interested in and then invited them to attend a presentation, all at the same time about his company. That’s right, the people who were going to compete for the same role were all in the room together. (I like the time efficiency of this process!) Then they were asked to present to the group on why they should be chosen. After that a mix and mingle with some staff over a few drinks and that was it. Done. Seth said he likes to hire on personality, style and fit rather than definite skills. He believes skills can be taught but attitude can’t.  This was all pre Web 2.0. Now Seth uses Facebook.

Here’s the process he went through to find his summer interns

Unable to just pick one from the applicants, I invited the applicants to join a Facebook group I had set up. Then I let them meet each other and hang out online.

It was absolutely fascinating. Within a day, the group had divided into four camps:

  • The game-show contestants, quick on the trigger, who were searching for a quick yes or no. Most of them left.
  • The lurkers. They were there, but we couldn’t tell.
  • The followers. They waited for someone to tell them what to do.
  • The leaders. A few started conversations, directed initiatives and got to work”

Read and be inspired to try something new – Seth on his Summer Internship