About Recruitment Strategy

The internet has changed how people recruit – it is now possible to recruit far more intelligently, cheaply and specifically. The tools are all there to find your own people.

I consider myself an Internet original – my IT career developed in parallel with the growth of the internet. The combination of technology and how it can be used for recruitment is what I now specialise in.

I weave together technology, social media, employment branding, blogging, CRM and talent pool techniques, aligned with your business strategy to help you find the best people.  It is a matter of using the tools that exist and applying them to create your own best recruitment strategy.

To discuss this more, please do contact me – it is easy to find me.

Suzanne Kendrick

* Skype or GTalk: SuzanneKendrick

* Email: suzanne@recruitmentstrategy.co.nz

* Phone: +64 27 3604564

* LinkedIn: Suzanne Kendrick

*Twitter:Social Recruit