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In Social Media, the same is true for the rest of the technology. The technology is a tool that gets you to the end result.

Using Social Networks for recruitment, your end result could be:

  • Letting potential new hires find out more about your company and get a sense of the culture.
  • Forming an Alumini group and stay in touch with past staff who are happy to refer for you, or to tempt them back
  • Forming a community of people who like your company and just want to know what is happening.

It doesn’t matter what the latest trend is, the key thing is finding out where your potential community go online. Ask your existing staff, people who are in the jobs now what sites they suggest would be best. What sites do they visit professionally. Where do their peers go online?

Some people think that a bigger social network is better. More, more, more! How many “friends” can you have on Facebook? It is very tempting to go for big and this does have its merits but really It is about talking to the right people. People who are genuinely interested. You like them and they like you. People who you have met, people who know something about your company.

See Mr Godin has to say:

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One response to “Quality Social Networks

  1. Great post Suzanne…

    I really liked the video on Seth Godin – classic. I agree 100% that Social Media “Practioners” {us} should really take time to assess what is that we’re trying to accomplish online. Too many people go through the motions of leveraging technology (LI, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) without any sense of why they’re doing it. Are we going through the motions because everyone else is doing it? If what we’re doing doesn’t add value or help us in our professional or personal lives – we should stop and question why we continue doing it.

    SaaS,…Social Networking/Media resources should help us, not hinder us. Here’s to spreading the message…..

    Keep up the great work!

    Michael Marlatt