The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

I have spent the last hour reading “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko” a business book in the Japanese, cartoon manga form.

The story of Johnny Bunko, is one I have heard many many times when recruiting. Simply, people work in areas that don’t fufill them. The money is not enough to the soul killing daily experience.

They come looking for another job but actually this is just more of the same.

I would often say to people, you don’t need a new job but a Life Coach!

This book gives a simple, quicker and cheaper way to have the same realisations.

The book teaches the six lessons of satisfying, productive careers:

1. There is no plan.
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses
3. It’s not about you.
4. Persistence trumps talent.
5. Make excellent mistakes
6. Leave an imprint.

Dan Pink is known for his other books Free Agent Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind which for me were life changing. I have contracted for the last two years. In the mornings I race to my computer. I love what I do! But that’s another story.

If you go to Dan’s site you will see there is a competion to come up with the 7th Lesson.

Want a win a trip to the UK to the TED Conference? Yes I do!

Also, he suggests having a Johnny Bunko Breakfast. What do you think people, November some time in a Japanese cafe? This could be the first New Zealand. I have sent Dan Pink an email with this very suggestion. People do like a holiday in New Zealand.

Here is an interview with the man himself.


2 responses to “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

  1. The breakfast sounds like a good idea and the contest! I just checked the rules though and it’s only open to residents of the USA… bummer. I was sure I had the next rule.

  2. Suzanne Kendrick

    Dan Pink got in touch with me after I suggested he join our breakfast and said if we can get the people, he will join in by WebCam!