Want to be found?

Companies usually will search first and approach people they are interested in before a role becomes public.

There are many ways to be found on line.

In New Zealand, LinkedIn now has a good number of users and seems to have become the default. I strongly recommend having a profile on LinkedIn. Many companies and recruiters search through LinkedIn when they are looking for particular skills.

You must make sure your profile is up to date, complete, appealing and well written.

Make it easy for people to contact you and find your details

Use plenty of key works i.e what would people search for you under. List your skills that you want to be found on somewhere in your profile.

Link to people who work in your sector, link also to people in companies you would like to work for. They are great to start a conversation with as to who is the best person to contact re jobs in your space.


One response to “Want to be found?

  1. Hi Suzanne, good article. Joining suitable groups is also a great way to engage with your peers and find out about possible opportunities. (Search for groups using the drop down box in the top right hand corner of the page )

    If you’re looking for job at a big company, they’re like to have a listing in Companies ( top navigation, middle ) which is likely to show not only the most likely “career paths” into / out of that company ( where people work before joining, where they leave to ), but also recent hires and promotions ( illustrating good people to approach / possible open roles. )

    Suffice to say, these are pretty powerful tools for headhunters too…..