Social Media and Recruitment

There is lots of fun to be had and (time to be wasted) as you explore Social media and what it means for your recruitment: whatever you do, you need to pay attention.

Every week there is some buzz on the blogosphere of another social media/recruitment innovation. People are trying new things to see what works for them and their company.

There is certainly plenty to try as you embrace these new frontiers! The key thing always to remember, is what is your target audience and where do they go on line. There are places now where your candidates go on line – you need to go to them!

The first thing to point that this is a big subject area, encompassing Blogs, RSS, Business Networking ( like, xing,) Social Networking ( Facebook, youtube ), Personal Networks like Ning, Virtual Worlds (Second Life), Twitter etc

As we meander through these topics, the thing to bear in mind is that everybody has relevance and something to add in this space – it’s very new and constantly change. It is easy to look at what’s happening in the US, there really is no substitute for getting out there and making it relevant to New Zealand.

The main thing though is not to ignore it our disgruntled ex staff may create your on line employment reputation for you!

Have you Googled your company name lately?

And now for a bit of homework…
1. How many New Zealanders are on LnkedIn?
2. How many New Zealanders are on Facebook?


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