Finding your next Star

Finding good employees is one of the biggest challenges your company faces. Marketing your company to potential new employees is just like selling your products and services.

Have you positioned your company to attract new employees ?

Generally companies want to hire what we recruiters refer to as passive candidates. They are not looking for jobs right now, but are always open to an interesting opportunity. Most people will have a conversation with you but can you woo them away?

The shorthand term for this is the Employment Brand

Some companies take this very seriously

Take a look at a few of these:

Ernst Young – Graduate Hire on Facebook

Altassian – Direct, honest, simple approach


New Zealand needs more Hairdressers!

If you smaller it is just a matter of making some adjustments to your marketing strategy to include how you are perceived by job candidates.

If you do nothing else, add a careers page to your web site. Want to work for Us? We are hiring! These words will help people who are interested in enough in you company to have looked you up on line.

When you run online or print ads include a link to your careers page that tells people a little more than you could in the advertisement.


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